Swarna L. Singhal Claim

I am a student of life. Each one of us is born to fulfill a cardinal purpose and it is for us to find it, or reformulate it to suit our needs, as we go along the journey of our lives. Inherent in each of us is a seed for tremendous potential which shall bloom given the right soil, water, and nutrients. However, sometimes life throws a wrench, making our circumstances difficult and confusing: it is in those times that proper guidance can put us back on the right track. I regard myself as a guide/life coach/therapist who helps individuals to find their own solutions to return to their right path. I am passionate about helping people because in the process of helping them I too grow personally. I emigrated from India to marry a loving man who is the power behind my personal and professional growth. We have been together for forty seven years. During those years, we have raised three beautiful daughters to adulthood, who now have become amazing women in their own right, with excellent careers in medicine, law, and education. They have given me four grandchildren who are the light of my eyes. I am blessed. I love cooking and gardening. There is always food on the stove and vegetables in the garden during gardening season. I am writing a book on the significance of marital vows in various religious and cultural traditions. My therapeutic approach is to treat each individual with respect and unconditional regard as I believe they are the masters of their own destiny. I simply strive to bring out their hidden strengths and thus help them become the best they can be.

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