Raquel D. Colbert-Dawson Claim

I help women and couples dealing with overwhelming life changes or challenges, such as: divorce, infidelity, relationship disconnection, health issues, relocation, depression, anxiety, job stress or burnout. If difficult situations cause you to overreact or retreat, I can help. The moment you realize your true strength, life changes forever. Finding direction and purpose is priceless. Sometimes we loose sight of our goals and seeing the big picture is hard. I help you refocus and restart the journey of living the big picture. Make the call today. You are worth it! I utilize Solution Focus Therapy, EMDR, and CBT, to help you take your life back. During our time together you will receive respect, motivation, and clear feed back. This amazing journey will reveal your strength, confidence and courage. It’s true, life can be exhausting and overwhelming, equip yourself today with the right tools to maximize your best life! I provide a path to mind and life wellness. Your improved relationships and positive habits will enhance your ability to live free from fear and doubt. So get out of your head and let’s talk. If you are telling yourself you can’t afford therapy, I say to you; you can’t afford for your relationships and life to remain the same. Make the call today.

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