Danielle Miner Claim

I envision counseling as a collaborative process. My approach involves facilitating a supportive client/counselor relationship to improve my client’s ability to cope with and address negative patterns of behavior and thought, enrich their relationship with self and others, and enhance overall well-being. I have been a practicing therapist for eight years in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My career experiences include working in schools with children, adolescents, and their families; working with adults to address life/work balance; supporting clients with depression, anxiety, and trauma histories; and most recently counseling teen parents. Every day I enter my sessions with the intention to help my clients get in touch with their inner resources in order to feel more in control of their emotions, with a greater sense of peace and well-being. I can attest to the benefits that counseling and mindfulness can bring during difficult times. I discovered mindfulness practices including meditation while pursuing my Ph.D., and reconnected with these practices while facing the challenges of raising two small boys on my own. Through the ups and downs of parenting and the struggle of maintaining a balance between work and home life, it has been my mindfulness practices that have kept me grounded. I believe that everyone could benefit from taking some time to focus on their own mental well-being and to just breathe a little more!

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