Breanna White Claim

Growing up, I had always been interested in human thought processes, emotional responses, social interactions, and behaviors. I graduated with my bachelors degree in Psychology in 2011 from Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow. As a new graduate, I decided to gain some real life experience in the mental health field. In 2013, I was afforded the opportunity to work as a psychiatric technician at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital. During my time at the hospital, I supported a multitude of individuals who were struggling with a diverse scope of mood, personality, and thinking disorders. In 2017, I graduated from NSU a second time with my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Before I knew it, year 2018 made its debut and I was rewarded with five years of training working in an inpatient setting. While I loved the rich experience I had received at Laureate, I decided to go a different route and try an outpatient setting. For the next three years, I worked at a counseling agency in Tulsa where I had the pleasure of working with individuals and families all with different backgrounds, ages, cultures, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and psychological and behavioral issues. Life took a new turn in 2020 when I was offered a position as a Licensed Professional Counselor at a private practice. I gratefully accepted the opportunity and here I am today.

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